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Για όλους εμάς στο Καζίνο της Ρόδου η υγεία των πελατών μας και του προσωπικού μας είναι απόλυτη προτεραιότητα. Για να εξασφαλίσουμε μία ευχάριστη παραμονή τους […]

Enrico Aidan 1952 - 2021
It is with profound sorrow that Casino Rodos S.A. announces that its President and Managing Director Enrico Aidan passed away today Monday, May 24th, 2021 at the age of 69, following a battle with cancer fought with exemplary strength and determination. Visionary, pioneering and innovative, Enrico Aidan left an indelible mark on the financial and social life of Rhodes for over 2 decades. He took control of the Casino Rodos in 1999 and created an entertainment venue never seen before on the island, destined to become one of its most attractive leisure destinations. He envisioned the reviving of the emblematic Hotel of Roses by giving it back the glory and glamour it deserved. He adored Rhodes and its people, offered his wholehearted support whenever asked and built lifelong relationships in a place that will never be the same after his untimely demise. Enrico Aidan was born in 1952 in Benghazi, Libya, and moved shortly later to Italy where he spent his adulthood. He studied Business Administration in the United States of America and worked effortlessly in the Hospitality and Casino sector for over 4 decades in managerial positions in multiple countries across the globe like the US, France, Congo and Cambodia, before settling in Rhodes in 1998. He is survived by his wonderful family of wife Hanna and 4 children: Maya, Esther, Mihal and Daniel. Devastated by his big loss, we the staff of the Casino Rodos, his "second family" as he liked to refer to us, pay tribute to our beloved inspirer and commit ourselves to continuing his vision, with the same perseverance and indomitable determination that he showcased throughout his life. RIP Enrico!