1 APRIL – 31 MAY 2023

  1. CASINO RODOS S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “CRSA”) carries out 4 (four) lucky draws “WHEEL OF FORTUNE” every day between Saturday 1 April 2023 and Wednesday 31 May 2023 (except Great Friday 14 and Holy Saturday 15 April) at the following hours:


  1. at 21:00,
  2. at 22:00,
  3. at 23:00, and
  4. at 00:00


  1. The Wheel of Fortune and 1 lottery drum will be placed in the specially transformed area of the Slot Machines and 1 more lottery drum will be placed at the entrance of the Casino.


  1. The winner of each draw will have the right to spin the Wheel of Fortune once to win promotional coupon(s) or promotional chips of the value that corresponds to the section on which the Wheel will stop.


  1. The winner will have the right to use the promotional coupon(s) to play in any of the slot machines bearing the sign “Tito ticket machine” or the promotional chips in any of the Live Games tables of the 1st floor except Texas Hold’em and American Roulette.


  1. Eligible to participate:


  1. in the draws at 21:00, at 22:00 and at 00:00 every day are visitors to the Casino Rodos who receive Entrance Ticket from the Reception and insert it into the drum placed in the Slot Machines area from the opening until 00:00 of the same day.


  1. in the draw at 23:00 every day are holders of the CRSA Membership Card who have obtained their coupon by redeeming points from their card. One (1) lottery coupon corresponds to 100 points.


  1. Visitors who enter the Casino outside of the above hours need to re-enter and be re-issued Entrance Ticket between the same hours of the following day to participate in the draws of the following day.


  1. Points redemption starts on Saturday 1 April 2023 and ends on Wednesday 31 May 2023 at 00:00.


  1. The lucky ticket will be selected by a representative of CRSA who will pick at random 1 (one) coupon from the drum. They will then announce the name on the ticket and will invite the owner to present themselves within 2 (two) minutes, to hand over their membership card for the verification of their identity and to spin the wheel.


  1. In the event that the representative of CRSA discovers that the selected ticket has been issued outside of the timeframe designated in paragraph 5 or does not comply with the requirements of the draw process, they will declare the coupon invalid and will select another coupon.


  1. Spins of the Wheel of Fortune are only to be performed by the winning guest. Employees or other designees may not spin the wheel on behalf of the guest.


  1. The wheel must complete a minimum of two full revolutions to constitute a valid spin. If the Announcer judges that the wheel will not complete two full revolutions, they are to declare a ‘No Spin’, stop the wheel before it comes to a natural rest, and ask for a re-spin.


  1. If anyone or anything touches the wheel while it is spinning, or if the wheel stops with the pointer stuck between two awards, the Announcer is to declare a no-spin and the wheel is to be spun again.


  1. If the holder of the selected ticket does not present themselves within 2 minutes, the representative of CRSA will keep selecting at random ticket(s) from the drum following the procedure described in paragraph 8.


  1. The entrance tickets will be removed from the respective drum after the last draw of every day (00:00) is completed.


  1. The points redemption coupons will be removed from the respective drum every Sunday after the draw at 23:00 is completed.


  1. The prize may by no means be claimed by a representative or exchanged for cash.


  1. CRSA reserves the right to announce the name of the winners on its websites and any printed material and to promote the lottery.


  1. CRSA reserves the right to cancel or modify the lottery and its Terms and Conditions without prior notice in the event of catastrophe, war, military invasion, force majeure or any violation of the law or for any other reason outside of its control. Any modifications in the process of the promotion, the winning process and the notification of the winners will be announced at the earliest possible time.


  1. By participating in the lottery, a participant is indicating their agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. The winner can be cancelled at any stage for the following reasons: (a) in case of reluctance to accept, for whichever reason, these terms and conditions that are considered fundamental in their entirety, (b) in case their participation does not comply with any of these terms, (c) in case their participation is, upon the judgment of the CRSA, illegal or caused by deception or unlawful interference by the participant or third party.