House Rules


Valid identification document or passport is required for registration
Minimum age requirement – 21 years
No firearms or other weapons are allowed
to be carried into any area of the casino
Video or photographic equipment
is strictly prohibited within the casino gaming area
The right of admission is reserved



The casino entrance fee of €6,00 is a tax
levied by the Greek government
This ticket is valid for 24 hours for multiple
visits to the gaming area of the casino
The ticket automatically becomes null and void in case of exit
from the gaming area once the 24 hour validation period has expired
Re-entry to the gaming area during the 24 hour period
will only be permitted upon presentation of the respective ticket


Until 19:00 – Respectable daywear
After 19:00 – Smart casual attire
Any type of coat or heavy jacket is strictly prohibited in the gaming area
and may be kept in the reception’s cloakroom
The casino does not accept responsibility
for the loss or damage of any items kept in the cloakroom